Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kerala Assembly Elections - Post Polling

Polling happened peacefully on april 13th. the polling percentage is somewhere around 75%. It was around 72.4%  in 2006. Both fronts are confident that people verdict will be in their favor. It's a long 1 month wait this time for the results to get announced. Analysis by both fronts indicate they will comfortably.

This election saw both fronts struggling with lack of genuine ideologies and political agenda. the political scenario is so volatile that no ideology remains constant. unprecedented crossovers which became "legal" with Abdullakutti's eloping with congress during last parliament elections is becoming more and more acceptable. Any disappointed leader with a community base (Please read it with stress, any disappointed leader with a community base) is a star in the other camp. somehow our political leaders think, they are the religious representatives too (and of course they proclaim in every other breath that they are secular leaders). I have to admit that CPM leadership is by and large immune to this community pressure (though they decide candidates based on such considerations).

with no socio-economic development, no people empowerment, no social betterment to talk about, Both fronts comfortably pushed the campaign to more important topics - Sexual Harassment, corruption during last 2 decades, Chief Minister's son's foreign travel, corruption at center. Surprisingly, treatment towards madani never figured anywhere. Looks like both fronts lost their interest in PDP vote bank..(Or they are sure that those votes anyway will get consolidated by SDPI??).

This campaign revealed another truth. Keralites don't have a leader to look upto. V S leads the popularity index. but what was his election propaganda as Chief Minister?? He comfortably focused on 2001 govt.s mistakes (for which he was brought to power in 2006) and some corruption and harassment issues,which are lost either in controversies or in legal battles. Not a single vice which he fought against as opposition leader got corrected in his regime. Instead he kept on unearthing issues. An Administrator should have focused on fixing issues rather than unearthing them. But his biggest strength is he is the only leader poor man in this state can look forward to. Rest all leaders have wicked wrested business interests!!! But that alone isn't a quality to be called a leader. In all other departments, he miserably failed. he did not exhibit trust in his fellow cabinet members. so instead of being the one who leads the way, he become the one who keep one pointing out mistakes..In short, very very disappointing. All other leaders in ruling coalition have more negatives than positives except for G Sudhakaran and Jose Thettayil (I am still not sure about his business links). G Sudhakaran was the most sincere minister in this government. But he has a tongue that will win him more enemies than friends. Same tongue neutralized all his good work..

Opposition should be skipped ideally. It's the most rotted place and stinks terrible. OOmmen Chandy, the opposition leader is a very popular person in his constituency. However outside a small hamlet called puthupally, he doesn't have universal recognition in kerala. Many people think he represents only the interests of southern travancore christian belt and business men in kerala. He is a major factor for rising communal drift in kerala. Inside Party, he is known for as a vengeance filled person. His christianity has helped him win confidence of high command in delhi (all congress men from kerala who has close ties with high command coincidentally happen to be christians..AK Antony, K V Thomas, OOmmen Chandy, Hibi Eden ..what a coincidence...BJP folks might be happy reading this :-) .. for them, this is no sign that I am swaying your side..hehe ). Ramesh Chennithala, with his fluency in hindi, managed to win high command's confidence too. He captialized on Karunakaran's inability to speak in Hindi, joined as his aide and then ousted him once he gained his foot inside. Ramesh will be remembered in political history as the most dishonest disciple.

Rest of the leaders in UDF who contested in this elections don't deserve any space. they are all rich men with business interests, who are using politics as the best networking tool for promoting their businesses and interests at the expenses of state. Look at the travel chart of a central minister..he would have gone to ME umpteen times. what diplomatic relationship turnarounds happened in last 2 years?? absolutely nothing except for few humanitarian gestures towards convicted. how do you justify those trips?? there is absolutely no accountability in public expenditure.(whether it's buidling a bridge or road or foreign trip)  this is the biggest curse of this country. we'll almost faint if we ask for details of american trips conducted by our state ministers in last decade to US alone. what's the reason and what's the outcome???? If we take a casual look at the wealth declaration by candidates in this elections, one thing is as obvious as day light. All regional/communal parties have fielded only rich men as candidates. for e.g. almost all candidates from IUML have more than 10 million in wealth. and they represent?? Muslims from Malappuram and kozhikode..and their plight?? Think of it.
Almost all Kerala Congress Leaders also have comparable wealth. they mostly represent farmers (landless farmers to be precise) from Idukki, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta. Their plight?? better than before due to higher prices for cash crops.

So elections are dominated by rich men, business men and others with tons of self interests. it's high time, political parties in kerala think of quality of candidates (not just their wealth and connections in delhi). People of kerala, it's high time we wake up and demand change. If Anna Hasare could bring UNION GOVT to heals, why can't we????? again, Think about it

Sudheer M


Amjad Ali said...

It is true, that the government is turning out to be a clubhouse of the elite. But, before thinking of eliminating it; should not we think of the reason for this evolution?
When one sees public funds terribly managed with incompetent manipulators; wont a confidence in people of less political persona feel; "I cant be worse"? In fact, worldwide, such people outperform predecessors as they have a better insight to things.
The question one should be really asking is, please talk about the manifesto; of the candidate and the front he/she represents.

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Analysis by both fronts indicate they will comfortably.

Anonymous said...

hey u are right all the way, and u seems not biased to any side, but u were wrong at one point, tat achuthaanandan has not done anything tat he was hosting during his opposition ., its not true , becoze , atleast to my knowledge he did almost 3-4 stuffs, one was coca cola, he had stopped it during his rule,;land aquisitions (hats off to tat);and one more thing i remember was about the coir company, he passed provisions for pensions and other relives ,; also about farmer suicide, he cancelled all the paybacks and loans from farmers who suffered badly to pay back,. and am glad tat u r not biased, expect more comments from you

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Anonymous said...

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