Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deepavali in Toronto..

Believe me, I celebrated the first deepavali in my life here in Toronto.Thanks a zillion to Amma and Girija Aunty who made it possible and I really enjoyed every moment of it. it all started with Amma's email to her thick friend of yesterday's who lives here in Toronto. Aunty called me immediately and told me come home. it was a very warm welcome at their sweet home in the suburbs of torronto. I happened to met her family too. we indulged in usual discussions of India, her head aches and challenges and future. it was a wonderful dinner and after that was the biggest event.."Bursting Crackers" .. I am so fond of crackers and the last time I got an opportunity was around 6 years back for a vishu..since then, I am out of country during Vishu days. My last vishu was a very uneventful one since I was stuck in Bangalore for some reasons I can't even remember now..I never knew we could burst crackers in Canada. In USA it required special permit or so in california. we went to an open ground (well we walked in almost 0 degree cold) and fired up few rockets as well. that was hilarious!!!!

I remember me and vinod getting an adrenaline rush because of cracker going off all around us in bangalore during a deepavali night. we got charged up and went to a cracker shop run by indian airforce society, stood in queue for a while and bought only those things which makes huge noise and bursted them all our neighbours ran out of their ammunition..

Surprises doesn't stop there.. I got my first Deepavali gift ever..and it was so sweet of Girija aunty and family to give us (infact they had a gift for Nidhi too) one. they made that day so warm and nice for me..I was at loss of words to express myself and I infact had to tell them I am a big failure in expressing soft emotions :-) :-).

Later I called up Naren and we spoke for a while. I am really really happy to see him prospering as an actor in both Malayalam and Tamil. He is a very promising and talented guy and people are slowly discovering it themselves. his role in recent commercial success,"robinhood" is definitely bringing him appreciation and limelight. he is already a heart throbe of quite a few (Manju : I hope you don't have issues there :-) :-) ). I wish to see him as one of the lead actors in both malayalam and tamil. may his movies make it BIG.