Tuesday, September 05, 2006

to my unknown comrade....

Its onam back home.
am missing it for the first time in my life.i used to rush home for a full week vacation during onam time just to join my crowd and enjoy the festive mood.
even if i dont do any thing special and spend time on the recliner in my balcony over looking the almost deserted mud road ( it got converted to a tar road some years back),it was fun.the air around says it all.its filled with serene joy.every one try to be happy those days.there is a glow in every one's eyes;reflecting the hopes they confine within..
we do lots of things those days..making flower carpets,visit to temple early morning,new dress,feasts,guests,cultural programmes(i remember going all the way to state capital once to see the cultural programmes out there),get togethers,games, trip to our ancestral home ( did i gave you a picture of a huge old house :-), if so am mis guiding you :-)) ).
i dont think i can transplant that "feel" onto this blog.yet i was making an attempt.
This time,am far off.
when my town rock in joy,I wont be around.
am off to Grand Canyon,Arizona for a 2 day hike this time.
its never a festival but a feeling for me..a unique feeling.just like any other feeling we possess.and i think its the same for most of the keralites too..every one have their own share of warmth and memories about this festival making it so special..
catch u guys sooner..if i return frm canyon in good shape :-)