Wednesday, November 16, 2005

just another travelogue

I had been a while i had a trip.and it was a longer than usual break.i was pre occupied and eventually lost that a trip was a last thing i would have thought cameras had their longest rest and i wonder whether they were scared that they are gonna rust resting.but i had no time to think about them either. destiny leads us on trails and we keep going thinking about the destinations we are heading the end, they may or may not be the same as we thought about. but....still we arrived some where...we can be happy about that atleast.
at times the story is different.
the trails end all on a sudden....and its a dead end. we are so exhausted that the main stream,
is as far as another world for us...
we remain there.
but eventually no one can stay any where for long. the whole universe revolve arnd the prinicple of motion..
and we keep movin..
its only a question of when will we be ready to walk bak ...
though not the case with all..some are so weak hearted that they cant return...
they remain at the edges forever...and some even get past that edge into bottomless depths...
ohh...what am i talkin about?
about a trip to alamagordo??
am i??
i think i'll keep it for another day..

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

in an after noon on a hammock...

it had been for long am idlin here in this hammock over lookin the street....
it was my sister who was cribbin long for a hammock in the balcony..
poor she..i never saw her been in it any the time hammock came she grew older ..
good for me...i never have to wait for it to be free..whenever i feel for it ...its all mine..
this is world so nice :-))
well the word street may invoke a wrong picture in ur mind about my sight frm here..
this is a country road..a narrow one..but not that narrow too..a car can go comfortable..
it just takes a turn infront of my house and go uphill frm there..and at the other end it go down hill and then get into a grave yard and disappear leaving no trails behind....
its a deserted street today..for its rainin since dawn..
i was dreamin about this moment while i took from 20000 kms off my land..
when i flew over pacific my mind was busy dreamin about a morning..soaked in rains out here in my home town..sittin in my chair..over lookin the street..waitin for a familiar face..( well i dont remember any unfamiliar face walkin past that street :-)) )
when waitin for my transatlantic flight later in the evening..
i lost in thoughts..thoughts long walk thru our paddy fields in an evening uptil the railway track.. at the other end..across the'll be spading since its rainin for a while there..
i'll wait for the train to come..will wave my hands to some unknown passenger on a life's trip in tht train..some one heading home for a marriage..some one moving away for a career..for a livelihood..need to check the train timings..may be it would have changed in these years..
when i took off..the sun was descending behind the beverly hills ...and i started my voyage..
voyage to home land..the most exciting moment of an expatriate's life..i the moment he get into the skies for a trip bak home..but i was else where....i was busy thinking about the tea shop at the baazar ... will he be there even now....i cudnt tell him when i started..may be he expected me there for days alltogether..wish he is not annoyed at my negligence..why did i miss him but? ... anxiety grew in me..wish he is still arnd waking up the town with his hot be frank i like his tea to my mother's.may be the way he talks made them tastier :-)) drizzle is giving way to a deluge..there is an inward wind getting drenched...if i continue'll end up in a shouting from my mom....let me not make her to waste her energy on me..she is already running deficient..catch u rite bak...