Sunday, August 13, 2006

revisiting my blog..

its a sunday evening out here on west coast.a bright sunny evening.
i had to work on some thing i and was mostly on that.i just got out of many a evenings i wish,i could sip a tea with a cutlet with a few of my school mates talking absolute non sense at KR bakery on calicut road.but some other dreams drove me far from home.
it drove me as far as it can.(i dont think any place is far farther than this pacific coastal city in the extreme west from my home town in the south east).and its natural that the most strongest emotion of mine these days will be nostalgia :-). (well not sure :-) ).
but mostly i write about a life back home.i never intended to write any thing about my life in the west though it was really exciting and interesting so far.


last time i came back to write on sabarimala.i dont want to add a sequel to the same stuff though the story has taken new horizons ever since i wrote about it.its not worth a might expose the nexus between religious institutions and mafias of different sorts.i realised long back that religious institutions lack the sanctity they are supposed to haveways have and that might be a reason i stopped visiting them.they have ceased to support me spiritualy any futher.
This time am more concerned with the security of my homeland.
government says the country is under threat.that too from inside.
things are getting worser while we try to put up a pleasant face.
situations are forcing the population to look at the siblings with supsicion and one knows who is a terrorist or a "freedom fighter" as they call themselves.from what are they trying to achieve freedom from??
is it from the indian union or is it from us ( the indian population)?
or are they mere puppets in the hands of dark forces across our borders?
well ..
seeking for answers to my question can get me a doctorate in " unrest in india".thats never my intention.
its alarming that more and more youth is getting drawn into such destructive coward ideas.whats so heroic or divine in silently planting a remotely controlled exposive device in a busy market and ripping apart the lives of 100's who doesnt even know the meaning of the word -- independence?
its a pain when a father who g0 to the market to buy vegetables for the family's meal returns home as a victim to global terrorism.
does any god or religion approve these heinous acts?
if so its high time for us to them.
like most of us,me too is perplexed whenever i think about the motive of such acts of terrorism.
but its time for us to get past our ignorance in this aspect of modern world.its becoming more of our responsibility to fight this rather than leaving it to super powers and governments.
each one of us has the obligation to make sure that another terrorist is not all of us know,no one is born as a terrorist .each one of them went through what most of us also went through.childhood and adolescence for sure.we walked together and would have dreamed together for some point,they just walked away from us.
and no sooner we saw some positioned on the other side.
what made them to walk across? who snatched them away from us?
if we could answer these 2 questions,we are half way through.
is it just all about religion?or does it have other dimensions as well?
we need to think deep on this.
its high time we wake up.we cant afford to loose our siblings any more.
we dont want them to blow up many a dreams every other day.
we should remember that the thin line that demarcate us from the victims is invisible.its just our luck which spare us every time until now.but then we dont know what tommorow has in store for us.
its a question of survival for us as well.where should we start from?
schools,universities,social institutions,hosptials,centers of worships,bus stations,railway platforms???
to be honest,i dont know.
i always felt schools are the best place to start many a practises.
nationalist idealogies should be nutured in the young generations at a very early age.schools and religious institutions should come forward and agree upon a curriculum for nationalism to be taught in schools.
i always feel that our curriculum is not paying enough respect for nationalism and secularism of the country.the kids should feel proud of our democratic beliefs and secularist existence.
we should mould a generation who is aware of this mighty nation's history and how we integrated religions into our society with respect and warmth.
its high time for us to realise that nationalism should far above religion and political states doesnt exist by virtue of the religion it confine within its borders.religion is just an aspect of any individual and not the only aspect which differentiate him from his bretheren.

being cautious and afraid is no solution to any some point we need to take it head on and its wiser to do so before we get engulfed by it.
then its more of fighting for survival.else its fighting down the evil :-).

i wish the state will soon roll out terrorism eradication plans with a vision.we need to liberate the younger minds of our nation.we need to groom them as citizens of a mighty nation that takes pride in its universal affection and brotherhood. a nation that believed in and showed the world the strength of ahimsa.

may the next dawn be of promise and hope.
lets live a life of peace and affection.
lets not leave our siblings to die on streets any more.
lets fight this new evil of our time.
awake !!! arise !!! and stop not until the goal is reached !!!!

Jai Hind !!!!