Wednesday, November 29, 2006

walkin in the rains...

when did it start to rain? am not sure.but while we were returning from dinner,i felt it was drizzling.
when i was almost home,it started to pour.looks like its going to be a rainy nite !!
and when i was walking towards home it started to rain hard.i felt pretty happy about hardly rains here.
once in a while..but when it rains,its really nice to be around.
i get nostalgic whenever it rains here.the rains here, have the same rythm as those in perintalmanna.i got home and pulled up my window is a long broad sliding glass.there are no grills across as we have it back home.a sevens football team can easily come inside my room with hardly any effort but just jumping over my half wall..well..we cant imagine about such windows back would be foolish to build such a window :-) :-). i pushed the window a bit,so that i can listen to rains better. i think its a bit windy outside.the rain is lashing against the glass.
************* lost in thoughts ********
few minutes later,back to present...

looks like the rain has changed her tunes..its more soft and flat.
i can hear the rain drops lashing against my window panes..
i kept the window a lil open..just a hear it better..
hmmm..who gave her this melodious tunes???
i pulled up my blanket ...lemme call it a day...
while waitin for the sleep i thought about rains in thrissur..
thts where i had spent my bachelors days..when i was staying with my uncle and grand mother during my college days..
its a tiled roof..and rain was too smart to find gaps thru the tiles..
whenever it rained hard ... it was like a small pool inside our home isnt just a pool..many a pools scattered around..
but it was fun listening to the ramming of drops onto the tiles.
that fun is lost house got razed off when my uncle decided to build a new home.
i realised that while we grow older..we start loosing many things we cherish..from the first school box to homes..
************************* sleep **************************
7.oo am,next day :
i woke up to the chanting of the seems to be a great morning..
its long since i woke up to a rainy day..i felt so elated.its raining hard.
i felt am home...the sound of the rain making its way through the cocconut trees and chemapaka maram used to make me ecstastic..the joy that filled up cannot be expressed in words..its a state of life..
while getting ready to go to work..i suddenly felt the idea...
why not walk to work today???
its hardly 2 kilometers..
i searched for my umbrella for a while and could finally find it in a back pack.
when i stepped out onto the rain,i felt like going back some 15 yrs in my life..schooling days !!!!
when it rains heavily thru the nite..there would be a small stream crossing our road due to an over flowing pond near by ..
crossing that stream was the real fun...looking for fishes in that stream was the most exciting event of the day.
well..its a lil chilly out here..but i can manage..
why not a tea??
so i took a detour to the starbucks..
some time back i had quit drinking tea when i felt its becoming an addiction..
i didnt drink tea for almost 90 days..
these days i started taking a tea or 2 a day...i dont think its that harmfull :-)..after all wats the point in denying all those things i really enjoy in my life to make my life better..
but i had a change..from black tea i switched to green tea..
these days i take green tea...and u know it comes without milk/sugar.
its just plain tea bags and hot water..
but it does taste good..give it a try if u are yet to experience it..
u mite not like it :-) :-)..
While walking to work...i was lost in thoughts..thoughts about home...yester
the cool breeze thats accompanying the rain made me shiver at times..looks like the wind is all set to run away with my umbrella..
let me get to work faster...
the first thing i did after reaching work was to pull up my blinds there too..its raining every where..its raining as long as i can see..when wind blows..the rain is swaying like a dancer..
wat a day it is gonna be...
its one of those most beautiful days...
i felt like going to bekal fort..thats one place where i wish to be when it rains..
standing on those fort walls..its a visual feast to watch the rains in the sea in solitude..
with one or two small boats making their way deep..u'll feel u are lost..
the feelings that occupy my mind those moments are beyond my words..
but i know u too know wat am talkin about..
before i submerge in my thoughts and disappear..lemme just publish this..
am waiting for the next rain...its an an indefinite enjoying the agonies of it..
like a hornbill..