Friday, February 25, 2011


While i return to this space after a long break (again ONLY due to my laziness), I thought I'll post a short one..

My A/C is faulty since few days. I call a mechanic and he said he'll come on thursday evening 5pm..I leave office early and wait for him. He never turned up..I call him again, he said he'll come on saturday morning..I call him today morning, he says I'll come before evening. I request him to tell a 1 hr window so that I can be home that time and take care of other work too. he ask me a big question "what's important for you?? A/C or other work??"..and then says, I cannot come at your wish, I'll come whenever I feel. if you are not fine with that, please look for some other mechanic who listen to you..after all I never called you, you called me.." Before I could frame a diplomatic answer, he told me, let me know your decision in next 10 minutes and disconnected.." who told Capitalism is not in favor of BLUE COLLAR Class?? at least in service industry, it's that way.

Anti Climax :

I call the guy, who sold this A/C to me. he says, someone will contact you in next 48 hours!!
A/C mechanic is far better. i had been calling "few" plumbers for last 2 months..all of them tell me, we are busy..Kochi has a dearth of plumbers..I am thinking of learning the art as a hobby..I am sure, my weekends will be busier than my work week .. hehehe..