Monday, June 26, 2006

yet another weekend..

Another week end passed away ; just like many of its predecessors.
without any plans.a couple of movies,good food,some was a laid back one.
am waiting for the next weekend.i have big plans for that one. friday evening i will flyout to los angeles.will catch up with my friends in airport and together we will fly to denver.
we are gonna hike rocky mountains on per plans sunday we will go to mount rushmore,South Dakotta.monday again in denver.and tuedsday evening we'll packup.
it should be a great trip.
sitting back home,i had some thoughts on football.lemme share them with u folks..
enjoy ur week !!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

am pretty excited has been long,since i started thinking of a blog in malayalam.
but it never realised...just like many of my other dreams.but today,am on the verge of accomplishing this goal of mine. a blog in malayalam. i dont know what to scribble down.
so here i go with some random thoughts of mine..
as usual,all about yesterdays !!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

paradigm way :-)

i had an evening of reminisce..and was reading thru some old emails of mine..i found this one worth it goes...


TODAY is a very special day in my life :-).
today i brought a lunch box to my office.and whoever knows my really well, know thats the last thing i wanted to do.
never in life i liked to carry a lunch box with me.and never before did i thought,i will be doing this some time later.
my school was pretty close i used to rush home for a quick lunch admist shoutings from my lovely grand mother for my haste and sprint bak to school to join the soccer during lunch time.
Even after she walked away,i used to come home during lunch breaks.after 10th standard i was a free bird.away from home and just enough money in pocket,me with my hostel mates in MIT,Thrissur found lots of places to eat lunch during our +2.Bharath was the best among them.(saju and asif can take a break and refresh those days :-) )even now..after 12 yrs those attenders in bharath recognise me and walk down to me and refresh memories and express delight on my travel whenever am in town,i used to find time to drive down to bharath and meet those selfless souls just for a friendly smile and a couple of loving words.there are lot many things in this life which is worth billions yet forgotten :-)).i met and got friendly with nawab rajendran in those visits to Bharat.we often shared a table for tea and spoke a little.he was a charming person to talk indeed.a true philanthrophist !!!.may his soul rest in peace.
Then came in the engineering days.i was the king,i was the weekly budgets were hiked.thanks to my dad.i had enough money to live a life out there.i lived with my uncle in those 4 yrs.
he too was generous once in a while :-)).in btw he got married and my aunt cooked very well.but my aversion for lunch boxes remained stronger.eatouts in thrissur were plenty.
Thanks to lunch mate for 4 yrs.he used to take me for lunch in car or bike..and we had great time.some times joined by pinto,sanju,faisal and who not :-)).
Thanks to thanuja for all those biriyani and fried rice you brought for me during those 4 never stalled flew and i was in bangalore soon after my course.thanks to BPL for those campus interviews which i never had in the wildest of my dreams.( Thanks to sanju for filling up those forms for me ).In BPL there was a good canteen.Lunch Boxes were still untouche .No sooner i realised pastures are greener else where and headed to my present home,Wipro.lot many offices in last 4.5 yrs or so.every where there was a canteen.and had great lunch mates wherever i went.( Guyz and Galz. I remember you for those great moments we shared ) lunch boxes remained out of question and thoughts.
Right Now it has become a neccesity.i have to walk 2 miles if i need to eat fed up of that food too.(its really costly as well) Mac Burgers doesnt fascinate me any more.and so does Afgan kababs and Mexican delicacies.
My room mates in bangalore shouldnt faint reading the following lines.Thank god that my mother dont have an email Address( i dont remember her NIC id if she have one).if she had one and she if do read me,she would have flied down here to make sure am the same son who left her a week back :-)).
Today morning,i got up at 6.(Saju Francis.. i really miss that morning tea these days.i always wait for you to call me and then realise am else where :-(( ..its a pain.)
got ready pretty fast.made my break fast.corn flakes,bread toast,boiled eggs and tea all by myselves.then i did cooked my lunch.Boiled rice and a curry.packed my lunch in the lunch box and left home for office at 8 am.Some of You wont find it great.but i can see many eye brows goin up and too many folds appearing on fore heads :-)).
Am i turning good ?? Becoming that good boy my teachers always wanted me to be ??. Am i becoming a son of my mother's expectations ??
Am afraid !! since i feel,this is not the end,its not even the beginning of the end,but just the end of the beginning.
Am happy with myselves today.and with whom do i share this joy if not with you.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

moment of rejoice.

some time last week,when a phone started ringing some where in qatar,at the other end,i felt my heart pounding in ectasy.
7 years !!!.last 7 years i had been thinking about this call.
i wanted to talk to some one whom i cared a lot.some one with whom i shared a unique warmth.some one who was my well wisher always.well..just a well wisher?? i dont think so.. :-).some one who stood by me in any storm.some one had faith in me any day.some who often brought me biriyani and cutlets during college days :-)).
can i call her my friend...but am afraid thats too much of a generalisation and is a grave injustice to the affection we share between us.can i call her my sister? she was almost.i believe thats more fairer!a friendly sister???.well,let me not attempt any further to name that relation.some relations are beyond a name.they dont fit into conventional definitions.
but i had no idea where she was.

on a peaceful evening, if we paddle back through our yester years,am sure we are gonna come across some souls;souls that touched our life.souls who lit up atleast a day of our lives.
we met them at some busy corners of life.then travelled together for a while.a joyous travel indeed.then at some other corner,we parted our ways with them for our roads diverged.whether we bid adieu or not ,we went else where.slowly they disappeared into oblivion.we underwent many a reincarnations :-) and our world transformed to the present.
on an another cross road,we suddenly get lost in memories.
some long lost faces come back to us.most of them will fade away sooner;but some stay back .we feel for them and realise they left no traces.we dont know where to look for.but still we start looking around for we wish we met them.

some time in 99,i started looking around.had no luck.tried in some old numbers.they werent valid any more.i asked a few folks.they had no idea.
i gave up.
last week,i got an email id. i was overhelmed.i wrote an email asking am i still remembered :-)). there comes a reply talking about the attempts made to trace me.ohhh....that is what unitude of mind is all about.
and then came the number i looked all around for..
too many pictures and thoughts are flooding my mind,while I wait for the call to get connected.
what will i talk about??nothing..absolutely nothing.
its all about a moment of rejoice..