Wednesday, March 15, 2006

week end..

last week end was pretty cool..i should say pretty chilled ;-)
it started raining from friday nite..
when it rains,i love san rains like my home town..the same way..
it rains in a rhytm..and it rains for long..i rolled up my window that i can see the rains across my window..
the lost symphony :-))
and it wasnt just a rain..after a long gap of 7 yrs..i saw a hail storm..
i still remember my first hail storm in bangalore in 1999..
it was awesome..the terrace was full of and pinto took a plastic bag and brought a bag full home frm our terrace..
we washed them..and ate quite a bit of them :-)))))
i dont know whether pinto will read me ..frm cologne..i wish he did..
and then called me up to reminisce those yesterdays ...
then i had a shorter one..some time last year when me and vinay was driving to canyon frm pheonix..but it didnt last..
i slept to the tunes of rain..and i missed the cries of frogs..
whenever it rains at the nite u hear frogs cryin frm the fields
and well..and grandma..says..snakes will get out for a hunt..
she wasnt wrong..during rainy season..snakes were uninvited guests..
we start meeting them in the courtyard,near the the fields
rarely in the kitchen :-))
i still remember an evening when i heard a cluttering sound in kitchen..and when i went lookin...a snake rite on the kitchen top..
some time i miss those days..wherein there was barely any seperation frm nature..though generates an unpleasant feeling...snakes never frightened us..they kept visitin..but for them things werent that cool..
many a happened to be their last visit..where did i go talkin abt rains in sandiego.. :-)
this is often a problem with me..i tend to connect every thing to my home..good or bad? i dont know ..thats how i am :-)

woke up to the patter of the rain..made a tea..sat watchin the rains for a while..
hmmmm..again ...another hail..
thought of gettin out..but..dont think its a good idea..temperature is already 4 degrees..its pretty cold..and another spell of fever doesnt look so promising..

will rite later.. :-)