Friday, July 22, 2005

spring of smiles...

these days ppl often ask me..where are you??
i know am silent for a while..and thats what makes you surprised..
for i was never a person who go silent ...but then am...these days :-))
i dont get to rite any thing ..for am lost else where..
all i wish this moment is ... the power to change the destiny..
i wanna change the destiny for i dont like the course its takin these days..
i know most of u wont be liking it either..
am pretty confused with the jurisdiction of almighty as well..on what basis..does he choose the
people for sentence?
i see lots of innocent souls gettin his wrath every other day..
why is he so cruel at times???
am almost of the verge of denouncin him for i feel he is just not "just" at times..
too many faces pop in my mind when i scribble down these lines..
and the tears and anguish in their eyes are ripin me apart..
am happy with almighty for a moment that he gave me 2 hands atleast..
for i can atleast wipe those tears ...
and i wish u too will look around..and soothe a broken soul....
for thats the most noble act we can do in our lives..
a half blossomed smile on such a worth our entire life...
comrade... lets create spring of smiles all around....
may love rule this world..


thoughts of a lost...

i had been off for long...was away from all my routines.
when i came bak to whatever i left behind...i had an empty mind...
i wanted to write on many a topics..but whenever i sat down to scribble i realised
i had lost my thoughts and creativity..i was numb..( or am numb :-) )
then i started contemplating for long..what shud i rite..for i have an empty mind..
back in my home land...there are lots of paddy fields...once the harvest is up...a gloom
descend on those fields..the deserted emptied fields.
i have no plans 2 talk further on those fields...but when i thought abt my mind..i couldnt
think about any thing but those takes another season for those fields go green again..
i had seen kids flyin kites in those open fields..with a competitive spirit..
a contest for nothing but for a feelin of heart..a warm delightful feeling...i never had a kite..
i never knew to make them either..i just used to go there and sit there watchin the skillful pilots..
and those kites kissin skies..then i own one of those kites mentally and wish for its victory.
my mind is a kite...
a kite with a broken string..its just floatin around...with no heading no where..
at times thoughts takes wings and i fly out..but where to?
they lead me to labyrniths and i keep gettin lost.. yes am lost...
all am reminded these days are about losses...
i know they are just not mine...u too have your share of them.
the only common thing we share with any unknown human is despair....
is it what i want to write about today???
am i to talk about the despair of this world and mine in particular.. never gonna write about despair..for its well within us..
it needs no blog to get into u.
where am i now?
what am i tryin to put across ??
when i run thru these scribbled lines...all i know again lost...lost in yet another labyrnith...

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