Sunday, October 22, 2006

untimed thoughts...

For a change,i walked to work last week end.its around 2.5 miles and it takes around 40 minutes to my work by was a bright sunny day in the southern tip of west coast and i found it pleasant to walk.i stopped by a starbucks on my way and bought my most favorite drink :-)
black tea awake,2 tea bags,grande,room for cream :-)).every time i go to starbucks i say the same sentence.i think i never get bored by repititions.
almost at every place,i make the same choice over and over and over :-)).
well..some time back...i gave up the habit of drinking tea..i used to drink 6-8 tea a day and i continued that habit for almost 10 years.
when did i start it??
i think it was during my college days..when i had spend more time outside the classes than inside :-). was i a political leader?? never!!
i was just another follower.i never held any positions,never contested elections,never lead strikes,never did any thing significant to be remembered.
i just lived in a world of my own in that college.was never with the main stream.hardly any one would have liked me out there :-)).
i belonged to a very closely held group and that group dictated the terms in that college :-)).i had an idea about the hatred civil batch and kolenghat hostel had for me.all i never knew was wat wrong did i do to them any time.well..its too trivial to talk about those baseless never did me any not sure whether that fued benefited them any way either.all i was interested those days was to win elocution competitions :-)).
wat a seamless transition,from a bright sunny day in west coast,united states to thrissur....20,000 kms and 10 years !!!!
am humbled by the speed of doesnt take even seconds to move back and forth in time axis...
back to the bright sunny day,west coast,united states...
while waiting for my tea in starbucks i was thinking about a chain email that was running among was a trip planning email and it ended up in my lefist inclination and recently acquired "bourgeois" ic tastes :-).
which is true infact..
addiction to starbucks,fascination for tommy hilfger t shirts,picky about gap trousers,insisting on north star back pack and timerland shoes..
what am i these days?
a transformed socialist??
rather a dead socialist and a new born captialist??
though i admit my likings,i think ideologies still remain the same..
my heros are still gandhi and nehru..i still favor the socialist movement.

back to thrissur,kerala,india..
i had been to my college last time i went to india.
i was welcomed by a pleasant surprise :-).
one of my teachers...(he dont remember me as a student of his :-) )
stopped me on those corridors..and asked me a question which i never expected.
"arent u that guy who gave that speech on that day?" and he quoted me..
i was overwhelmed...
8 years later some one remembering a sentence of mine...that was some thing.
till that moment i was feeling am into an alien one seem to remember me ..those corridors,give me a "Stranger feel"..
but my professor changed it all with a single word.i got back that feeling of belonging.i would have walked across those corridors how many times a day??mostly for nothing.rarely in search of some one.
today just from no where,those corridors came back to my thoughts.
they were the silent witness to my first love :-).thts how i know them blossomed in those corridors,just to die an ungraceful death later in bangalore...well am not here to talk abt that any more :-).

back to west coast..
it was deepavali yester day.well...i dont celebrate it..
early morning my friend called and asked whether am interested in having puttu-kadala???
i should be mad to turn down such an offer.15 minutes later i was busy eating puttum kadala curryum at his place.the most adored keralite breakfast.i felt am back home in perintalmanna..(well if i were in perintalmanna i would have changed my preferences :-)).).
a great breakfast after a long time.mostly i have 2 choices for my breakfast ... oatmeal or bagel.i keep switching between the two.
it didnt stop there..
a great lunch followed..beef fry being the special :-))))
(am pretty sure my mother is not gonna read this blog.she doesnt even know i rite one :-)..else she would have got hurt..
for she couldnt make me follow whatever she follows and what she believes to be right..
well..she should have given up such hopes long back..if not i admire her perseverance.. )

an after noon watching a 1984 movie.i admire MT for his scripts.i wish i were him.i would written sagas about human emotions.just about them and nothing else..

an evening in the indian place of the town..eating some north indian snacks..a ride to pacific coast..a lil time at the water front on a high tide hr..a stroll through the down town streets was a great day y'day...

and today ....
corridors kept me busy :-)

a day in thoughts..
of course,un it is always :-))

Sunday, October 08, 2006


am busy these days..a lil more work load and few things to take care of take away most of my creative time.i was thinking of publishing a blog for a be frank am in pursuit of some topics..
today..i was waiting for some one to turn up..and then thought i mite scribble some thing in the mean time.but not getting the flow to sentences are breaking ...
let me get back.....
may be some other time i will rite abt waitings ..
the uncertainity of waiting..
the rejoice at the end of a wait..
the tinge of despair...
and the ocassional frustration that accompany a long waiting..
the thoughts that run down when we keep waiting..
the images that flash in our thoughts..the incidents we love to cherish..
contemplations abt the sequences of events to follow at the end of a wait..
the relief that it brings when a wait is finally over..
too many things rite :-)
well..lemme keep it aside for another day..