Monday, May 15, 2006


There is a place where i want to go always - NewYork.
had read alot about that town since i started reading and for a middle class lad in a small town in malappuram..even mumbai was beyond the reach.
But then nothing remains forever. Pictures keep changing every other day and destiny me took me across seven seas to the wild wild west.From Malappuram to was a long journey. may be some time i should write about those yester years..but definitely not today for am to write to about some thing some else.

Last week end i took a red-eye flight to Philadelphia,PA.
it was a very exciting travel for me. after 5.5 hrs when i landed in Phili,i was just waiting to reach the arrival terminal. There i had one of my warmest reunion so far.
my school buddy was waiting for out there. My friend with whom i studied in the upper primary classes in my own town.
That was some thing worth remembering and cherishing.
20,000 kms away from our home town,i dont know what you feel,when you meet some one with whom u had your childhood. for me,nostalgia is all about moments like this.
while following him to his home, i had to try hard to keep my mind to driving...
memories of perintalmanna and school years came rushing and fillin me with an overhelming joy.after love,nostalgia is the most graceful emotion humans can ever have..
and the joy of a reunion???
its beyond words...
u wont realise it,until you have one..
wishing you a very memorable reunion sooner....